Election of Co-Chairs to the GCF Board

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Date produced: 08/05/2013

Could GCF Board Co-chairs be re-elected after their initial one-year tenure has ended?

There are no rules in the GCF Governing Instrument and Revised Draft Additional Rules of Procedure of the Board (“Additional Rules”) which strictly prohibits the re-election of Co-Chairs after their initial tenure has ended.

The Additional Rules provide that, after their one-year tenure, Co-Chairs “shall continue their functions until their successors have be elected” (paragraph 1 of Annex V GCF/B.01-13/02/Rev.01). The implication is that a different person would be elected as a successor. This implication could arguably be supported by paragraph 18 of GCF/B.02-12/0Z) which provides that the main purpose of the rule regarding Co-Chairs continuing in their function until a successor has been elected is to ensure continuity between Co-Chairs. This provision would only be necessary if a different person were to be elected Co-Chair.

However, there is no restriction as to whether the Co-Chairs can be their own successors. In addition, the Governing Instrument and Additional Rules do not prevent re-election of Co-Chairs who have served previously. Neither is there a specific requirement that a different person be elected Co-Chair after the expiry of the first one-year term. Therefore, it could both be argued that Co-Chairs can or cannot serve two (or more) consecutive one-year terms.