Meaning of “Transparent no-objection procedure”

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Date produced: 10/12/2011

What does a “transparent no-objection procedure” as referred to in the current draft text on the Green Climate Fund – report of the Transitional Committee (version of 9 December 2011 @ 21:40 hrs) – entail?  

The term “no objection” is used in the context of the CDM. It allows for project owners to receive a first indication of whether the designated national authority has an objection to the concept of the project (i.e. before the project design document is drafted).

In the contect of the GCF, it is likely to mean that activities (mitigation or adaptation) will be able to gain initial indications as to whether the national designated authorities are likely to have a problem with the proposed activity. The idea behind it, presumably, is to prevent the activity ‘owner’/’implementer’ from the high costs of putting together the funding application if the activity has no hope of approval at the national level.

And transparent would have its ordinary meaning – i.e. the procedure should be conducted in a transparent manner such that applicants know what to expect with the decision being based on known criteria.