Modalities and procedures

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Date produced: 18/01/2011

What does modalities and procedures mean in connection with the draft text in –/CP.16, section II on ‘Enhanced Action on Adaptation’?

The draft text –/CP.16, seciton II on ‘Enhanced Action on Adaptation’, states at para 21: “Invites Parties to submit to the secretariat, by 21 February 2011, views on the composition of, and modalities and procedures for, the Adaptation Committee, including on proposed linkages with other relevant institutional arrangements;”

‘Modalities and procedures’ is synonymous with rules.  See for example (in respect of CDM and art 12(7) of the KP):

In the context of para 21, it must means that Parties (and thus not NGOs or intergovernmental organisations) are entitled to submit proposals setting out the rules they believe should govern how the adaptation committee will operate in light of its proposed functions set out in para 20.