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Date produced: 07/04/2011

1. What is the difference between an LCA workplan and an LCA agenda?

2. What consequences do each have for the UNFCCC process? Is the G77 proposal an agenda, or a workplan?

Summary: Agenda is a formal defined term governed by the draft Rules of Procedure. Workplan is not a defined term. We understand a workplan to be an outcome arising from an agenda item. Although these terms are being used interchangeably, procedurally they are not the same thing.

1. AWG-LCA is a subsidiary body (SB) and therefore is governed by Part 6 of the draft Rules of Procedure to the UNFCCC (FCCC/CP/1996/2) that deal with the rules governing the “Agenda” for COP sessions and SB sessions. These include rules covering:

– The Secretariat shall draft the provisional agenda of the session in agreement with the President;
– What the provisional agenda shall include; and
– The COP or relevant SB when adopting the agenda may decide to delete, add or amend items. Only items which are considered “urgent and important may be added to the agenda”.

The term workplan is used in a number of different contexts to describe the plan of work or recommended plan of work of different SB’s or Committees however it is not formally defined in the draft Rules of Procedure.
The LCA Agenda is a recognised concept which is subject to a formal procedure. The Agenda will set out the work for the AWG-LCA, this is not specifically referred to as the workplan but could be interpreted as being the plan of work or programme of work for the AWG-LCA. The LCA workplan is not a defined term, and appears to be used interchangeably with other terms such as “outcome” or “work programme” and should therefore be given its ordinary meaning.

2. The G77 has submitted an agenda proposal for the LCA which includes a work programme as one of the agenda items. This proposal is for an LCA Agenda not an LCA workplan. As it was submitted after the opening of the session it is governed by Rule 13 of the Rules of Procedure, which allows Parties to propose additions, deletions or amendments when adopting the agenda if these items are considered urgent and important.

If the G77 proposal is accepted (or partially accepted) then the LCA Agenda will be amended accordingly. This will impact on any subsequent work programme or work plan which will arise from the items on the agenda.