1. Can a COP decision require certain actions to be taken at the domestic (federal) level in the U.S.? 2. Is there any particular language that should be included in a COP decision to ensure action is taken at the domestic level in the U.S.? 3. What is the legal basis is for US implementation of […]

1. Is there any way to circumvent the 2/3 Senate majority requirement in the USA Constitution for the USA to be able to ratify a treaty (other than a change to the Constitution)? (Please also confirm if this is a correct interpretation of the Constitution.) Are there other procedures for implementing treaties into US law? […]

1. Is the USA’s claim that a proposed global scheme to levy emissions from international shipping by the IMO would be illegal correct? What is their legal basis for making this claim? 2. Is there a clear legal precedent for centralized collection of revenues from an international tax, or a maritime tax? Is there precedent […]

1. Does the Adaptation Fund have international legal personality? If not, what status does it have under international law? 2. How is the Adaptation Fund recognised by domestic legal systems around the world? Do these domestic systems grant direct access to the Adaptation Fund and if so is this automatic or at the discretion of […]