The amendments proposed by Mexico and PNG would, while keeping consensus as the initial threshold for decision-making, have the effect of providing an exception to default consensus voting rule for the COP. They would allow COP decisions (with certain exceptions), after all efforts to reach consensus have been exhausted, to be adopted by a three-fourths …

In this briefing paper, we set out general information in relation to the following issues which may be useful to delegates when considering the procedure for approving decisions: (a) The draft rules of procedure (Draft Rules) and the voting rule (Draft Rule 42); (b) The meaning of consensus; (c) Voting procedure in respect of amendments […]

In this briefing paper we review and define the verbs used at the beginning of paragraphs in COP decisions in both: a. the preambular text; and b. the operative text. Where appropriate, we will discuss how the verbs relate to others in respect of their relevant strength and give examples of how they have been […]

The form of outcome of the work of the AWG-LCA at COP16 in Cancun is yet to be decided by the parties. The potential options that parties are considering include the conclusion of a new treaty or protocol, a series of COP decisions in respect of each of the AWG-LCA contact groups and a COP […]