LRI & Matrix event


On 4 February over 60 participants reflected on some of the key take aways from Paris, including the setting of a new long term temperature goal, the pivotal role of nationally determined contributions (known as”NDCs”) and the increasing space given to non-state actors.


Discussions were led by a panel made up of Sam Bickersteth (Climate and Development Knowledge Network), James Cameron (Overseas Department Institute), Kate Cook (Matrix), Christoph Schwarte (LRI) and Philippe Sands QC (Matrix and UCL) as chair.

The audience was taken through some of the key substantive elements and features of the Agreement, such as as its focus on mitigation, inclusiveness, progressive approach, emphasis on scrutiny and accountability and how the Agreement strengthens the global response to climate change, and the key priorities for 2016: agreeing details of the new international climate architecture as well as translating NDCs into real action through implementation of national plans and policies.

The presentations generated some lively discussions on issues around enforceability, what to do about free riders and opportunities for financial markets.

Ppt slides can be accessed at LRI on PA 4 Feb