Launch of the ecbi Guide to the Paris Agreement

26 May 2020

The new Guide to the Paris Agreement was published in March 2020. It explains the provisions of the Paris Agreement, its implementing guidelines (or “rulebook”) and potential implications for domestic law and policy in developing countries.

It was “officially” launched during a web based event on 26 May. You can watch a recording of the whole “show” here.

Download your free electronic copy of the Guide (PDF, 893kB).

Moderator and quizmaster

  • Kiran Sura, Assistant Director, PwC; Programme Lead, Climate Ambition Support Alliance (CASA)


  • Anju Sharma, Deputy Managing Director, Oxford Climate Policy; Editor of the Guide
  • Christoph Schwarte, Executive Director, Legal Response International (LRI)
  • Selam Kidane Abebe, PhD candidate, University of Reading, and legal advisor on the climate negotiations
  • Kishan Kumarsingh, Co-Chair of the UNFCCC Ad hoc Working Group that developed the Paris Agreement, 2013-2014

Policy and Legal Mechanisms for Effective Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

16 October 2019

Christoph Schwarte talks about implementing the Paris Agreement through domestic rules and regulations. Christoph is LRI’s Executive Director and a lawyer with almost 20 years of practical experience in international environmental law.