LRI side event at COP27


On Saturday 12 November at 6pm local time, LRI held a side event entitled “Implementation of the Paris Agreement: carbon markets and the enhanced transparency framework” at the Francophonie Pavilion at the COP. Despite the unfavourable timeslot, an audience of around 20 delegates from African and Caribbean countries and civil society attended the event.

In her presentation, Olivia Tattarletti provided an overview of the agreement reached in Glasgow to implement market approaches under the Paris Agreement, and how their implementation is linked to the new enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement. Pascale Bird then provided a comprehensive introduction to this transparency framework by looking at the framework set out in Article 13 of the Agreement, comparing this with the existing MRV system and explaining the relevant latest developments from Glasgow.

Both speakers also talked about the implications and relevant considerations of these elements for countries at their national level. The engaged audience responded to the call for an exchange of experiences on the ground. A senior LDC negotiator commented that it had been “a very insightful presentation on two extremely important topics that need to be properly understood and implemented at the domestic level”.

A recording of the event (in French) can be viewed on YouTube here and the presentation slides are available upon request (email enquiries[@]