Does the mandate of the review of the WIM allow, or provide space, for an aspect of the review to be forward-looking? Or in other words, can the reference to the ‘long-term vision’ of the WIM in para.2(c) of Decision 4/CP.22 (” … Future reviews of the Warsaw International Mechanism should consider, […] its long-term […]

What are the legal implications for the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage if it was moved under the Paris Agreement? What would be the potential advantages and disadvantages, terms of governance, if it was guided by and accountable to the Meeting of Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA) rather than the COP […]

Would it be procedurally possible to add a new agenda item to CMA 1-2 to cover Loss and Damage, so as to ensure that the issue is discussed at COP24? Advice: 1.  It would not be possible to add a new agenda item at this stage since the CMA has already adopted its agenda. Rule […]

Can you advise on how, procedurally, the issue of loss and damage (addressed in Art.8 of the Paris Agreement) could be included in the agenda of the APA?  Advice: The Conference of the Parties (COP), at the start of its first session, decided that the draft rules of procedure are to be applied by the […]

Can existing or new insurance products provide an adequate source of finance to cover anticipated additional climate related loss and damage? Advice: This is obviously a very broad question but I think the Warsaw International Mechanism framework itself answers the question pretty clearly in that insurance is really only one part of dealing with loss …