LRI at COP 21 in Paris


LDC Group Coordination meeting

LDC group coordination meeting

After a week of informal coordination and other meetings, the climate conference officially starts on Monday 30 November in Paris-le-Bourget. It is expected that at the end of the meeting, on Friday or Saturday 11/12 December, countries will adopt a new international agreement on climate.

There is a team of altogether 10 LRI lawyers in Paris. To date, they have helped the group of least developed countries (LDC) to prepare for the conference, and provided the legal training components to a workshop organised by the European capacity building initiative (ecbi) for junior delegates on Saturday.

During the next two weeks, they will be – as usual – supported by other volunteers in the London “Situation room” at Simmons & Simmons and many expert advisers from law firms, barrister chambers and universities.

Delegates should send their requests for advice and assistance to

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