Query: Are there any legal obstacles that would prevent the Parties to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement to consider, under these agreements, the necessity to phase out the extraction and use of fossil fuels? Executive Summary: We have not identified in any of the provisions of the UNFCCC or the Paris Agreement support for […]

1. Following the postponement of COP26 (originally planned for November 2020), by when do Parties have to communicate or update their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) pursuant to Article 4 of the Paris Agreement? 2. If the Parties are bound to communicate or update their NDCs by 2020, is there any legal basis to say that, […]

What are the legal implications of current Article 6.2 draft text which would claim to “supersede” para 77d of the prior Katowice CMA transparency decision (1.CMA/18)? Would such a provision essentially replace para 77d? What precedents are there in UN decisions for “superseding” and what were their effects? Advice: Parties and legal commentators …

1. As the so-called “Paris Rulebook” will be adopted as a series of CMA decisions, what will be its legal status? Does the fact that the Rulebook will need to be implemented nationally give it a different legal status than “normal” COP decisions?  2. Given that the Paris Rulebook will take the form of a COP decision, […]