Given that the Doha Amendment has not yet entered into force, and also in the event that this occurs in the remainder of 2019 or in the course of 2020, 1. What is the legal scenario once 2020 ends with respect to the continuity of the Kyoto Protocol in the absence of a third commitment […]

What does the failure to ratify the Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol mean for the future of KP units (Assigned Amount Units in particular) and whether Parties may use those units for post-2020 emissions targets? Summary Carried-over (surplus) Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) could be used by KP Annex B states in the following cases: […]

How can a new 2015 climate agreement to be adopted in Paris make reference to provisions, mechanisms, rules and other arrangements developed under the Kyoto Protocol and ensure that they apply to those Parties (of the Agreement) that have not ratified the KP, have not agreed to a second commitment period or failed to ratify […]

1. Could you explain the current framework for the allocation of greenhouse gases emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, including how are the mitigation targets and timetables established and expressed quantitatively in the current framework? 2. Which parties have mitigation commitments under the Kyoto Protocol? 3. What are the means by which parties …